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Today was a GOOD day.

Got a call to set up a phone interview for next week. *happydance*

Good projecty things happening - being appreciated is such a nice feeling.

Went out to the bar after work because it was one coworker's birthday and another coworker's last day. I had one drink (I asked the bartender for something fruity with no melony stuff in it and he made me... no idea what, but it was good. LOL), and my punkass bitch of a coworker drank it in ONE long pull of the straw when I walked away to talk to someone else!! I'm across the bar and there he is, slurping up my drink! Luckily the bartenders there know all of us - I just pouted at him and got another one - and held onto to it!! It probably didn't hurt that I had on a rather lowcut blouse and makeup... and wow, I'm such a cheap drunk. That one drink and I was nicely toasty... it was a good ending to a good day.

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