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My geekiness is confirmed by mail

I got the notice today - I am getting my HP license plates for my car! My license plates will read HOGWTS 1, and I also have 4 HP bumper stickers, although I may not put all of them on. Well, this should certainly make things interesting in traffic. *grins*

I had a fairly nice day today - my sister came to my office with my niece. She's in the city for a couple of days because her husband is up here attending a conference. So I got to introduce them to my coworkers and then we went out to lunch. My niece is, as usual, adorable. Also, she's apparently WAY tall, so even though my sister is the short one, the tall genes seem to be coming through. I find this damned amusing, although I'm certain that our babies will be even taller, seeing as we are the Hagrid and Madame Maxime of the fandom... well, at least in terms of height.

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