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Thank everything for the weekend.

Although I've got a few more hours until mine officially starts.

Again with the general sucking of human beings annoying me. Also? My hate-on for MySpace is growing at what might be a mathematically impossible rate. At what point is anonymity no longer acceptable? I don't personally need a lawyer, but there are some issues that I wish I understood better. *kicks things, since the lack of knowing who the people ARE makes kicking THEM impossible*

Because I need a laugh, I will pass on something funny from work. My company sent out some reports to clients in one state, and on half of the pages of this report (it was something like 14 pages long or so), the number for client support was incorrect. Someone had made a typo and just had one number in the ten digits wrong, which is completely understandable, if unfortunate. However... the wrong number was a sex phone service - and it was one of our clients who discovered the error. *FACEPALMS* I imagine you could get some kind of healthcare data from those folks, but I doubt it'd be particularly empirical...

Also, Phoenix Rising anyone? Hello? Bueller? *listens to crickets*

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