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Some semblance of order?

It's frightening, but I think I've got my ducks mostly in a row.

I started on Friday night by going to Off 5th, the Saks outlet... wowzers. No thank you. If those were the cheap prices... *shudders*

I then went over to the mall and went to JC Penney. Nothing good there, so I went out into the mall, planning to go to Lane Bryant - but I was distracted by Torrid. Whoopsie? Actually, I don't feel too badly about it because they're having some HUGE sales right now and I got a pair of Baby Phat jeans that look AWESOME on me for $25 - originally $70. You can't feel badly about something like that. I'm resisting going back and buying another pair a size smaller. :))

Saturday I got my hair trimmed, then went over to the mall. I went to Carson Pirie Scott, but again, not impressed. I found one suit that would've been appropriate and it was WAY too expensive. So I trundled off to Lane Bryant, where I hit paydirt.

They had a fab suit jacket that's longer than the usual ones, so it actually goes past my hips, and I got a pair of matching trousers - both black. I also got a light peach shell to go under the jacket. It was pretty funny - I tried on the first set and walked out of the dressing room and the salesgirl almost yelled at me to get the smaller size because what I had on was WAY too big. LOL It was likely a good thing that she was there, because really, I am still clueless about getting the right sizes. So with her help, I got all the right sizes and it looks really nice on me. Even better, I had a coupon, so I got all of this: suit jacket, trousers, shell, foundation garment (bleh, but necessary), and 5 pairs of panties - for $115. RAWK.

Now, I just have to find a pair of shoes. Sigh. I HATE shoes...

I pretty much finished packing and purging over the long weekend. I'm quite proud of myself, actually, for getting everything done ahead of time. All that will need to be done Friday night is taking my computer apart. How I'm going to manage without a computer for 2 days, I really don't know... Also, I have another 2 1/2 bags of too-big clothing that need to go to Goodwill. It's kinda hard to let go of some of these things, because I like these clothes... but they're just too big. They have to go.

Work will be very slow this week after last week's insanity, which is good. I'm doing various cleanup projects, like moving our department's entire intranet site to its new home... joy. I'm also playing 'boss' most of the week because the acting supervisor (our actual manager is still on maternity leave) will also be out this week, and that leaves me as next in line in seniority. Ah, the fun...

EDITED TO ADD: I also meant to pimp out this link that sundancekid posted - it's a really great article on the coolness of being a dork.

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