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Am useless >:D

I got up way too early after getting perhaps 4 hours of sleep and went to physical therapy for carpal tunnel. Haha, yes, that means I should prolly not be online as much as I am, but reading is actually WORSE, how fucking ironic is THAT?! My hands hate me. Anyway, had lots of tests on my hands, including having a little plastic needly thing poking me when my eyes were closed and squeezing this handlelike thing to see how strong I am (and I'm STILL stronger than normal, despite my problem *flexes*). Then I learned how to do some very bizarre stretches (what are you ON?! The human body is not supposed to do THAT!) which I cannot do yet, and I think the therapist is an alien because she CAN. Then she put steroids on pads that were put on my hands with a electrical stim unit for like 10 minutes. Meanwhile, I watched her do therapy on an older woman who'd apparently took out her foot and arm in a motorcycle accident and a guy who had WIRES STICKING OUT OF HIS HAND because he'd broken it very badly playing football. Finally I was done and then I had to have my hands wrapped in ICE PACKS for 10 minutes or so. Umm, HELLO?! IT'S FREEZING OUT - WHY DON'T I JUST GO OUTSIDE AND GET FROSTBITE?!?! So, yeah, I'm going back next Saturday. Fun. But I'd rather not have surgery.

Did the grocery shopping. Came home to find my parents planning their trip to Hawaii. I didn't know they were going to Hawaii, but yes, apparently they are. Anyone want to party in Chicago in February? No? I thought not.

Finally could take no more and took a 3-hour nap. Woke up groggy as hell. Had some more leftovers for dinner. Proofed a fic for RS and felt really lame because all the fics that need coding are multi-chaptered and I can't do those.

Why don't you write a one-shot for RS so I can code it (het preferred)? Seems as good a reason as any to write a fic, doesn't it?

My hands are still cold. -.-

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