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Poets say as time decays, our broken souls will mend.

Quote of the day, from coworker S: I'm willing to pay more in order to feel superior to other people. I'd explain the context, but really, it just wouldn't be as 'What the hell?!' funny anymore.

I was totally taking the piss yesterday about fandom jumping, because I really don't think about joining fandoms - I think you kinda fall into them. I fell into HP, slightly fell into Smallville once upon a moon (but that didn't stick), and if anything else happens, whatever. However, I apologize to anyone who might've thought I was serious - I thought I was being over-the-top enough, but I'm guessing that with all the stuff happening that perhaps no one knows how to read anything anyone says right now. I know I don't. I'm questioning the meanings of truth and honesty, people in general, and most of all, myself and my own ability to judge. And that's all far more than I really can manage to deal with right now. I don't talk about my RPG-stuff very much, but I really feel like one of my characters at the moment. He's a meant to be a charmer and while he's not stupid, he can be rather dense and gets easily confused, so he doesn't think the 'deep thoughts' - he just gives up. I'd really like to do that.

So to make amends, I will post pics of LESBIAN GHOST SEX later to make up for it. Because really, you can't go wrong with that. But you also can't post that from work. *looks shifty*

Starbucks made my iced latte with no syrup at all this morning. Nothing but five shots of espresso and 2% milk is a bitter, bitter brew, my friends. Much like life at the moment.

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