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Apparently I had a weekend.

I was quite good yesterday. I went to the gym and tried the machine where you sit and use your arms, rather like a bike, and then I tried the cycle for a bit. Did all right, but not nearly as much of a workout as the treadmill is. Mer.

Then I met selinakyle47 for ice cream at Cold Stone and we had a nice chat about everything and nothing and admired her less-than-a-month-old little daughter. SO ADORABLE!!! Yay for babies that are not mine. Hee.

I watched two episodes of Star Trek: TNG last night in a rare turning-on-the-TV moment. The 4400 starts up again tonight, though, so apparently I will be back to watching one hour a week on Sunday nights - if I can remember every Sunday, that is.

Today I've spent most of the day going through all the clothes that are now far too big for me. I have one person interested in buying them on the cheap, but if she doesn't want some of them - is there anyone else who reads my flist who wears the sizes I used to who might be interested in what's left? Let me know.

Talked to my mom earlier about the Miami job - it's not looking very promising. The hiring manager 'doesn't want to move on it' which is, umm, not helpful? So, wheee. Who the hell knows what I'm going to do.

Lastly, there is a love meme happening. We like love memes, so anon or not, please leave me some love.

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