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Singlehandedly keeping the US economy afloat!

*headdesks* I spent SO MUCH MONEY yesterday. And now I have to go out and spend more today.

Odd as it may seem, I don't like doing this. I've gotten rather used to having a cushion in the checking account (it's not a huge one, by any means, but it IS one), and to have it dwindling makes me wibble - even if it is for mostly legitimate reasons.

The iPod last week - perhaps not so legit, but oh MAN, I am in LOVE with it. LOVE. I cannot feel badly about it.

Yesterday, I bought shoes, looked in five more shops for clothes, bought a LOT of makeup at the MAC counter (I'm trying to justify the expense because I haven't bought makeup for four years, and surely it's time, right?), and yet I still do not have clothes. However, I'm about to go out and rectify that little issue.

However, all this spending is making the urge to buy a plane ticket to the UK even greater, and those of you who are enabling such thoughts are just evil - in the best sort of way, of course.

So who thinks that the Kian engagement announcement is real this time? Gotta love PR.

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