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Write on my soul, everything you know, use every word you've ever heard to colour my world...

I went out yesterday morning to pick up a couple of things and I got rear-ended!! Now, this is hardly news as for a while there, it was happening on a regular basis, but this one was just STUPID. I was sitting at a stop sign, waiting for traffic to clear so I could make a right turn out of a shopping center, and some woman rear-ended me! I wasn't even MOVING!! So I get out of the car and look and there's a little scrape and you know, I just don't care about something that minor, but the woman just STARED at me like I was the problem and didn't even roll down her window or anything! No, I'm sorry, ooops, NADA. HELLO - YOU HIT ME. I swear, people are psycho.

Then last night I went out with some of my coworkers, their significant others and one other colleague (he works in a different department). We had dinner and then saw the Chicago Wolves play. It was a lot of fun but we lost, which sucked. I've seen them lose twice now and I know they're better than that. I would love to find someone to go to games with on a regular basis, but that's fraught with so many issues I can't even begin to think about it.

Then there's the goodness of Westlife. I now have 6 CDs of music!! I already have a fave, too, and have played it way too many times already.

I also watched a special from a few years ago where they went to Nashville to record a country song and then perform it live - they did it in like 3 days flat. It was really quite impressive to see this manufactured pop band from Ireland be tossed into a recording studio with *gasp* REAL musicians rather than just a mixing board and have to sing along with them properly. Of course, it was perhaps MORE amusing to see them have to learn how to sing words properly (it's lov-ER, let's not forget the R!). They were downright adorable, though - it's a shame they didn't get a push to airplay, because they probably could have a country music career here if they wanted. I think the 'if they wanted' is key, however - the US is probably the only market in the world where they have no presence, but I'm certain that if they were to have one, they'd want it to be in pop and not country. Still, it was nice to see the respect they had for the whole genre since I think that a lot of people in the rest of the world (not to mentions loads here in the US) think country music is just utter crap, when it's actually not easy music to perform at all.

Which brings me to a poll - because really, doesn't everyone love a poll?

What in the world is Morri on about, anyway?

Who or what is Westlife, anyway?
I know who Westlife is, and yes, they are teh awesome. Carry on.
I know who Westlife is, and urgh they are teh suck. Shut it already.
I thought you were older than 16...
Don't you have some RPG characters to torture? Because really, I'd rather hear about that than Westlife.
Chicken tikkabox masala!
Please tell me the name of the person responsible for this so that I can hurt them.
Really, I preferred it when you posted less. Maybe you need another RP character. Or, well, anything.
Isn't there anything Harry Potter related going on?

Today I went to the mall and bought nice-smelling things at Bath and Body Works and got a bag with samples, too. Wheee! I also looked at clothes in Torrid but I don't know - I'm having issues with the whole being able to dress sexy thing. I like the idea but I'm so completely not used to it that I think I look trashy even though I probably don't. Gnar. Yes.

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