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I'd almost forgotten how to post. Figured I should perhaps do it before I forgot how entirely.

Fairly busy week. I should be starting on the phones by myself next week, and I'll find out what my schedule will be tomorrow, at least tentatively. My boss is listening to me tomorrow afternoon, so think positive thoughts for me.

Note to queerasjohn and dancingrain - the problem with the network is still not resolved; therefore, I am still unable to burn CDs. -.- I hope to get this figured out soon. Damn Win 2K.

I am buying an exercise ball. If you've never seen one, they are these large inflatable balls that you can sit on or lay on or whatever and you bounce. It's actually rather fun, and is a good way for me to get started, since the water aerobics thing is not happening until my schedule and/or move get sorted out. I might even sit in front of the computer and bounce - because I'm weird like that. You could be talking to me and I'll just be bouncing away. How will you ever know? You might want to ponder that - it'll be good for you.

This weekend I have to do the following:

- Code fics for RS
- Go to DMV for my registration and plates
- Do the grocery shopping
- Code fics for RS
- Do lots of laundry
- Beta SV fic for Erin
- Code fics for RS
- Start writing on the fic challenges I've signed up for - WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?! >:0!
- Oh, and I think I need to code a few fics for RS

Also, my parents are going to Vegas for like 5 days in December. Anyone want to come and stay with me and party? >:D< Fandom meet in Chicago!!

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