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Truly amazingly wonderful news! (and Canada stuff, too!)

Today I went to see my endocrinologist, whom I last saw just before the surgery. I've spoken to her a few times to adjust meds and such, but I finally managed to get an appointment. She was floored when she saw me - said she wouldn't have recognized me if she didn't know it was me. But that's not the best part.


*bounces around* My three-month test on blood sugar levels? Perfectly normal. I've been using less and less insulin as the months have gone by, to the point where I've been taking it maybe once a week, and I stopped taking the pills when I had the surgery. She said she wants to see me again in 6 months, and if things are just as good then, she's going to release me from care.


I got back from Ontario last night and I had a really fun time. I am feeling lazy as I have the day off, so here are points without the actual bullets:

- Yorkshire pudding is YUM.
- Beer is very strong-smelling or else I'm really sensitive to it.
- Spent way too much money on clothes and Lush and I could've easily spent way more than I did. (note to Lush people - you might warn customers that your shower gels WILL FREEZE AND CAUSE THE BOTTLE TO BREAK OPEN AND SPILL ALL OVER EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE BAG if left in a car overnight. Who the hell expects shower gel to freeze and explode like a can of pop?! So. annoyed.)
- Tim Horton's IS good.
- I now know more about curling than I ever wanted to.
- Yes, they really do talk like that. It's cute. So are the beaver commercials!
- Loud, drunk Canadians are fun. Loud, drunk, Canadian library students? Even more fun.
- The best songs to hear at kareoke are "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" by Big and Rich and "Goodbye Earl" by the Dixie Chicks. It doesn't matter if you can sing because everyone in the place will be singing with you (and no, I didn't sing on the stage - no way, no how).
- I can drink three drinks with hard liquor in them and barely catch a buzz. I feel cheated.
- Indoor farmers market! Very cool.
- Best sign seen while driving: REMUS FOR SHERIFF (I'd vote for him, wouldn't you?)
- Second best sign: PENITENTIARY NEXT TWO MILES. DO NOT PICK UP HITCHHIKERS. (Because really, it's only the idea that I might get convicts in my car that's keeping me from picking up random people off the highway)
- The bridge between Canada and the US is really, REALLY high. *shudders*
- The immigration agent can be distracted by Harry Potter! We discussed the GoF movie and some of book 5 while he typed things into his computer. SO amused. *pets license plates* But why do I always feel like I've done something wrong when I'm entering a country? I think the way they ask their questions makes you automatically defensive, like how dare you go anywhere else in the world!!

One final note: a big, huge CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! to eibbil_libbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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