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Don't try to tell me it ain't what it is - I'm good at seeing the signs.

I think 'pissy' should be an LJ mood; therefore, I have made it so. For today, I am pissy. It's not quite bitchy, not quite upset, not quite a lot of things and yet still something. According to me, mind.

I just don't get human beings sometimes. Is it really that difficult to just be honest and face a situation? Why do I always have to play Ms Confrontational? Because you know, I'm good at it and all, but it gets pretty fucking tiring - especially when I feel like all I'm doing is repeating the same thing I've already said and still getting lied to. In summation, mean people suck. Oh, I am so profound.

In other continuing non-news (because really, I'm updating only to avoid one of you smartarses nudging me), work is work, I submitted a panel proposal to Lumos on time, have taken to wearing little barrettes in my hair and bought a pair of jeans today that's like 6 sizes smaller than I used to wear (well, at least 6 - these things are a bit difficult to truly assess).

In closing, dear LJ friends, my life it is le bore à ce moment. However, I'm all right with that for now. It rather beats the alternative of d00m, mayhem and angst. I'd much rather find those fictionally, thanks.

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