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FIC - An Ode to Fairy Lights - for Make the Yuletide Gay

Title: An Ode to Fairy Lights
Author: Morrigan
Pairing: Michael Corner/Zach Smith
Words: 745
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters and universe are property of JKR, Scholastic & other assorted publishers, and the WB.
Notes: Written for violet_quill's Make the Yuletide Gay Challenge - prompt word: fairy lights.

"So you’re really not happy about having to stay at Hogwarts over hols?" Michael Corner asked Zach Smith as they walked into the Ravenclaw common room.

Zach shrugged as he looked around the room he’d been in only a few times before, his voice laced with disgust as he thought about his parents' latest stunt. "They wanted to go skiing, for sod’s sake. How am I supposed to feel?" Noting that the common room was empty, he stepped up to Michael and wrapped his arms around his neck. "If it weren’t for the fact that you’re staying too, I’d lose my bloody mind." He pressed his lips against the other bloke’s, slipping his tongue out to gently lick teasingly.

Chuckling lightly against Zach’s lips, Michael pulled back and looked at him, smiling. "Now don’t get all excited down here – there are a few other Ravenclaws staying! Luckily Tony and Terry decided to go home for hols." He grinned and pulled Zach towards the staircase.

"Right, right... I’ll make every attempt to behave myself," Zach teased as they climbed the stairs to the 7th year Ravenclaw boys’ dormitory. "Am I allowed to comment on what a great arse you have, Mr Corner?"

Michael chuckled. "Course you are - repeatedly, if you know what’s good for you." As they reached the landing, Michael pushed open the door to his dorm and ushered Zach inside.

Zach stared around the room. "Bloody hell, Mike!" The dorm was decorated with fairy lights around the windows and on the posters of the beds, bits of greenery and holly on the bedside tables and there was even a small Christmas tree in one corner of the room, decorated with neat little ornaments in both Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw colours.

Michael let the door close behind him and muttered a quick locking charm, then turned to Zach. "So does that mean you like it?"

"Like it?" Zach reached for Michael and pulled him close. "You’re brilliant, did you know?" Then he pressed his lips to the dark-haired wizard’s and kissed him passionately.

Michael ran his hands up Zach’s back, yanking at the other bloke’s shirt as he went, pulling his lips away from their kiss only long enough to remove the blond’s shirt completely and toss it onto the floor. With a small growl, he leaned down to suck at Zach’s neck, leaving a mark behind.

Zach moaned and clutched at Michael’s shoulders, pulling at the cloth of his shirt, eager to divest him of his clothing as well. Michael raised his arms above his head to allow Zach to easily get his shirt off, and Zach took the opportunity to slowly plant kisses from Michael’s stomach to his neck as he removed the shirt.

"Merlin!" Michael breathed, staring into the blue eyes before him, then snogged the blond bloke as he pushed him towards his bed on one side of the dorm. "Here, let me..." And with that, he undid the zip of Zach’s trousers and pushed them down, revealing Zach’s hard cock.

"Not that I don’t enjoy that look on your face each time, love, but one would think you’d get used to the fact that I don’t wear pants," Zach said with a grin as he reached for Michael’s waistband.

Michael smirked and shook his head, pushing Zach’s hands away. "Oh no, you don’t," he chided. "Tonight is going to be for you," and he pushed Zach down to the bed while kissing him, hands shoving his trousers the rest of the way off.

Zach watched as Michael kissed his way up his thighs, hands caressing his abdomen, dark eyes looking to his blue ones. As Michael slowly licked up his cock, Zach took in a deep breath and slowly let it out as he watched his boyfriend’s tongue make an arc over his hardness. Then Michael took his cock completely into his mouth and Zach was gone. He fisted his hands into the dark hair and moaned, watching the lips he’d just been kissing move up and down on him, the warmth and wetness and tightness of Michael’s mouth overwhelming him. In what seemed like no time at all, he was coming, yelling out Michael’s name to the rafters of the Ravenclaw dorm, panting.

Michael crawled up next to him and kissed him with a smirk. "Feeling any better about Christmas?"

Zach grinned and ran a hand down Michael’s neck. "As a matter of fact, I never knew fairy lights could be such a ruddy turn on," and then he snogged him thoroughly.

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