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GoF Thoughts

Wow. I got back a few hours ago and am actually coming down off my high, but I'm going to put my impressions up now before I get to bed. They will be neither neat nor coherent - you have been warned.

Also, I haven't looked at my flist for the last few days to avoid spoilers (haha, I know!!) so if anything important happened, please comment?

I think this is the best movie yet. After PoA I never would've thought that would be possible, but... oh gods, I loved it SO much.

When the Quidditch stadium came into view I almost cried. It looked just like I'd always imagined in my head. What a dorky thing to find important, but there you are.

Robert Pattison may have been smoking weed at the premieres but he was PERFECT in the movie. Oh Cedric... my heart breaks. And "Who You'd Be Today" came on the radio on my way home. There's a fic writing itself in my head already. MAKE THE BAD MANTHOUGHTS STOP.

SO. MUCH. LOVE. for Hermione/Viktor. ♥!

The Ron and Harry arguing was very well done. Painful, but well done.

OMG THE TASKS. So, so good. I just... GAH. Last task not so good, but... whatever. This is not about the criticisms, because I do have some others. It's not like it could be perfect.

The graveyard scene OWNED ME. Just amazing... SO well done. Ralph, you were so ickily perfect. No, I don't care if ickily is a word. :P

I totally bawled at the end and I don't care if everyone knows it.

And now I have to collapse or I will do so on my keyboard and I have a LOT to do tomorrow. *flumps*

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