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RPG Character Apologies, taken from loads of people

After leaving Nocturne Alley, I took a long break from being in RPGs - mostly because it nearly broke my heart leaving NA. People who don't RP probably won't understand that, but that's all right. Now I've been playing again for a while, and I think there are some things I should apologize for.

To the changeling - Good grief, you are a mess right now. I'm sorry I let you fall for the wrong guy - seems I'm not any better at picking them in RPGs than I am in real life. I'm also sorry that you deal in death and destruction day in and day out and that I'm allowing it to get to you so much. Somehow or other, we'll find a way to make it better.

To the twin - I think I've been more cruel to you than I've ever been to any character, and yet you're probably the strongest of the lot. The things in your past are beyond horrible and yet, you spend all of your time taking care of other people. One of these days, you're going to take care of yourself - and eventually you will be happy. It will happen, but I'm sorry for all the pain I'm putting you through along the way.

To the youngest - Sigh. How did we get here? You were supposed to be easy and fun and instead you ended up so... teenage angst. In some ways you are so clear on who you are and where you're going and in others... I just don't know. I'm sorry I paired you with someone who's even more confused than you are, but I continue to hope that somehow the two of you can together lessen the confusion and find a bit of happiness.

To the first and only boy - You've every reason to hate me, but I hope you don't. I took away the girl you loved, had you spend years mourning, gave you a job that forces you to see the worst of wizardkind on a daily basis... and yet you have a delicacy to your spirit that even I don't understand. Your ability to bounce back continues to amaze me, and I hope that you're pleased with the gift I've given you. He's not perfect, but he makes you happy. I wish I could say that you'd be happy forever - but let's not kid ourselves here. There will be hard times again.

As for the others... I don't think I have anything to apologize for - yet. No doubt the time will come...

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