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I made Tamora Pierce cry.

But in a GOOD way - really.

I have brief access and I just had to update. Tammy ROCKS. No, you have NO idea how FAB she was. She read two short stories of hers - both were incredibly amazing and I was absolutely mesmerized listening to her read them. Just... wow. One was called "Plain Magic" and will be in a future anthology hopefully, and the other was called "The Huntress" and will be in an anthology out next spring. Then she took questions from the audience and truly, I didn't expect her to cry, but the first thing I said was "I just wanted to say thank you for writing such amazing stories." You guys know me - I say what I think, so I did - and she cried. So... yeah. Talk about feeling a bit mixed about something! She quickly recovered and I asked my question - I asked what she thought of HP seeing as she was at an HP conference. She told us that she is most like Hagrid and that she is very grateful for the impact Rowling and HP have made on the teen fantasy genre - but she really dislikes JKR's treatments of girls in her books. Certainly not at all surprised by that, nor could I possibly argue it. She was amazing - have I said that already? Too bad. At the end I had her autograph her latest book for me and two of her earlier books for heidi8's little girl. I can't wait to see her speak again on Sunday.

Other than that, there has been much running around Salem, partying with all the girls last night, me bringing down the Ron panel earlier today (ask me how!), sushi with Cyg, Meg C. and Jenny, and the much-anticipated arrival of my ebil twin (who is currently off Pumpkining elsewhere). The next two days are going to be very very busy, so if I'm not back on until I get home again, that's why. Miss you - wish more of you were here! *waves*

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