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And I'm looking at you, with the world in the rear view

Quick and desperate request - is there anyone who could get me at the airport in Boston Wednesday morning at 10 am and take me to Salem? Please let me know ASAP or I will arrange for some sort of shuttle thingy. Lost my ride due to unforeseen badness at the last minute.

Got many necessary things yesterday and have begun to pack. Am seriously hoping I can cram it all into the little suitcase because I don't want to take the huge one. Grrr argh.

I saw a sign along the side of the road when I was out yesterday that made me laugh, because I suspect that it would have a whole different meaning in the UK. It read SOD TODAY. Yes, I am easily amused. And frantic. But yeah.

Note to eibbil_libbie: In regards to your last tag on my previous post, I must protest the use of the word 'ickle.' We would prefer 'well-built' or perhaps 'toned.' :P

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