Vicki (hermorrine) wrote,

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To-do List

Yes, because everyone should care about me trying to organize my life over the next week and a half. :P

1. Find a new sweater to match the dress I intend to wear to the ball (because at least I could likely wear the sweater again, but I'll be DAMNED if I spend money on another dress. And I'm still pissed at myself that I apparently threw away the sweater that went with the dress. Q#%(UG@(!@$^%~$!)
2. Buy nylons
3. Take dresses and jacket to drycleaners
4. Print out various lists and other materials, plane ticket, phone numbers, etc on printer at work (shut up, I don't have a printer at home)
5. Reschedule nail appointment
6. Actually, you know, pack
7. Buy some particular books to bring with
8. Panic

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