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Barely time to breathe.

And now is the time on Sprockets when we dance when Morri's work life goes completely batshit insane, for it's nearly the end of the quarter and therefore clients are frantically getting ready to submit their data. And freaking out. And I'm one of the experts on this particular product, which is really quite scary. One of my clients offered me a job, though - in DC. But alas, I had to turn him down. Still, rather flattering really. Lunch hours and breaks - what are those? There was a day or two this week that I really don't think I ever went to the washroom. I don't think I'm exaggerating - but as I can barely remember my name at the moment, who knows? So basically I will be more than a bit sporadic in terms of reading, posting and commenting on LJ until early September sometime - if you're needing something quickly, email is best.

That said, I had a really great week despite work hell. sansepines was in town for last-minute, pre-move to Philly for med school fun, so we went to dinner at Reza's Tuesday night and had a great time talking and eating yummy food. weatherby, you and she should grab coffee or something sometime after she moves. *nods*

I've gotten next to no sleep all week, due in part to RP giddiness. I've just been having a lot of fun playing and am anticipating more silliness in the future - although hopefully more sleep. Must work on adhering to the schedule. *avoids looking at clock, oh wait, tomorrow's SATURDAY*

I was going to write this post about being female and in your mid-30s and what they say about that and hormones but I haven't found the time. And a part of me sort of wants to go "Woohoo! Any takers?" but I'm not ever going to get involved with someone from LJ or any sort of community like this again. I've done it twice now and ugh. I am not a fish, I don't like bowls and I really don't like censoring myself. There was going to be a long rant on that too, but I don't know if I'll get to it. Oh, are those sighs of relief or disappointment I hear?

I need to find out tomorrow whether or not we're moving. Might be good, really.

This song has so many meanings at the moment. *amused*

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