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Having a life - or something very like it.

The last few days have been rather busy but fun.

Yesterday after work I went to pick up malachan from his hostel, cleverly located right next to my undergrad uni so it was easy for me to find. I then offered him Italian food, Persian food or that we could head down here via LSD so he could see more of the city. He opted for the last and off we went. We were able to find parking without too much trouble and then we wandered around until we found a map of the place. We then checked out Bubba Gump's but the wait was nearly an hour, so we went to Joe's Be-Bop Cafe. It was really quite good - we both had southern BBQ (Cyg had a chicken dinner and I had a pulled pork and beef sandwich) and they had a real jazz band playing. I have to say that I was quite impressed by the band - The Skinny Williams Quintet! - which is such a great name for a jazz band. After we finished eating we headed up to the big ferris wheel, which at only $5 a person is truly an excellent deal considering the amazing view you get. Of course, I have something of a fear of heights, so at times I had to really, REALLY concentrate on the view so as to not begin shrieking at the top of my lungs. Isn't it weird how we love doing things that scare the crap out of us? Adrenaline, I suppose. It was getting late after that, so I took Cyg back to the hostel and headed home.

Today I went to get my nails and hair done. I'm pleased to say that I am SO SO happy to have found my colorist and stylist again!!!! If anyone in the Chicago area needs a recommendation, email me and I'll pass their info on. They are just TOO good, and I look incredible - even if I do say so myself.

Anyway, I was just heading home when Cyg called - he and ladylisse had met up and were waiting for me, so I headed home to quickly change and drop off a few things, then ran out the door again. I picked up Cyg and Lisse and we headed up to the suburb where I work to try to find a place for dinner. I offered a number of options but the pull of the SUSHI was far too strong for us to resist. I've been having a recent obsession with sushi - maybe there's something in seafood I need more of? - although what I can choose is limited as I won't/can't eat raw fish, so I stick to things that are cooked. But we all really enjoyed it. Cyg had sake, and as I'd never had it and can't drink alcohol until January, I asked him to describe it. He said that it's rather like marmite, which prompted both Lisse and I to go EWWWWW. It won't be the first drink of alcohol I have, I don't think. Warning to anyone else who's going to see Cyg on the rest of American GigoloTour '05 - he has a hollow leg!!! I realize that I really don't eat anymore, but he ate so much - both Lisse and I were impressed. I'd eaten meals with him before but I'd never realized how much he could put away. Both he and Lisse finished all of their food - I of course have enough sushi left to last me for days (not that I'm complaining, mind you). Unfortunately they didn't have fried green tea ice cream, but I hope that someone in Denver or Seattle manages to take Cyg somewhere for fried ice cream (Mexican probably) - he needs to try it. :)

After dinner we wandered over to a little park with fountains and sat and talked for a bit and took some silly photos. You cannot see them. *holds them hostage* Then it was getting late and as Lisse had a rather long trip on the El to get home, we headed back. We dropped Cyg off at the hostel and then I took Lisse to the El station. Cyg will be heading out tomorrow towards flat nothingnessKansas and eventually Colorado.

I had a great time and I hope you both did, too! And now, sleeeeeeep.

Note to self: make plans with Lisse on a regular basis, as she is fun and goofy.

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