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Happy Birthday Lauren! And ouchies.

I walked around the Milwaukee Zoo yesterday. Again, one of those things that most people would take for granted but was a huge deal for me and 3 months ago I wouldn't have even thought about doing it because I wouldn't have been able to. The first couple of hours were fine - I'd sit on the occasional bench and rest, but mostly it was no big deal. By the time we got to the last hour and were heading out, I was definitely aching and tired. Today I am in serious pain and limping, so Vicodin will be my friend shortly, most likely along with a nap as I'm still exhausted, despite going to bed very early last night. However, I am really proud of myself, so there. The zoo was fun overall and all 3 kids enjoyed themselves, plus I got to take Lauren on a pony ride which she thought was the BEST THING EVER. Am clearly ruling at this aunt business. I haven't downloaded the photos off my camera yet but there may be some later.

My sister and I ran to the store while the kids were down for their naps and I got some interesting cheeses, as Wisconsin really does have the good crackcheese. Smoked gouda, Amish butter cheese and Amish monterey jack... I haven't tried any of them yet, hopefully they'll be good. Then we had the party and Lauren loved all of her gifts and cake. So today she is 4 - amazing how quickly they grow.

Time for drugs now, wheeeee.

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