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Good stuff.

So I went and got my nails done today and my manicurist volunteered the information about where my colorist and stylist had gone before I could ask! *SO RELIEVED* I immediately made appointments with both of them for two weeks from today at the new salon, so soon my hair will hopefully look decent rather than frightening. I had the Island Tropics manicure - coconut oil salt scrub and coconut and mango lotion. Smelled SO GOOD!!!! I had to get some of the lotion - it smells like summer. They also give you a coconut rum and pineapple juice, but alas, no alcohol for me so I had none. Instead, I picked up a coconut iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts after I was done - they use an unsweetened flavoring and it was just the right amount of coconut flavor. Mmmmm.

I went to get the car's oil changed after that, and I mention this only because of the following story: whenever they get partway through inspecting your car, they call you up to try and sell you extra services (some of which my car might actually need, but who knows - I said not today). So the guy said fine when I said no to the extra stuff and then he said, "I've got one more question. Is your license plate Hogwarts?" I said yes and he told me he was 3/4 the way through HBP and he really loved it, and I said it was excellent and told him the website for the Witching Hour (I was already deep into dorkness at that point - no reason not to go all the way!). How much do I love my license plates? OH SO MUCH. But I really need to get some HP bumper stickers again.

After that I went to Bath and Body Works and wandered around the store for as long as I wanted. I do get tired if I walk too much (Borders last weekend was a good example), but if I'm still pretty fresh I do well. I got something wordplay recommended, which was, even more luckily, on sale! I also ended up getting free almond shower gel with my coupon. Unfort I couldn't get my sister's birthday present - she'd wanted a particular scented lotion and they have discontinued that scent. Fooey, will have to get her something else. My niece turns 4 on Harry's birthday, so I need to get her gift, too. I predict a trip to the Disney store this week...

Tomorrow it's supposed to be 102 degrees here, with a heat index of 114. I will be staying inside the apartment, in the air conditioning, and doing paperwork.

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