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Getting my HP dork on with my coworkers.

I think I've mentioned before that I'm 'out' to my coworkers about my shameless Harry Potter lurve. I have HP stuff on my desk in addition to the general geek stuff, and they all knew where I was going this past weekend and why. So today I had the following email conversation with one of the newer additions to our staff:

R wrote:
DAMMIT...I missed the Regulus Black one. Yeah, that is a good one and makes total sense. And the letter did say "to the Dark Lord" or something like that, which only his followers call him, right?

Yeah, the Remus/Sirius thing seems purely circumstantial. Though it does make for some Doggie-style fun...sorry, couldn't resist.

I know what you're saying about Ginny and the hero-complex. I do expect she'll give him hell over the summer.

Is "snogging" a British word, or a Wizarding-world word? LOL OH OH, and what's "Wotcher"? Tonks always says that to Harry, but it's not a question, so I don't think it's "Wotcher doing?". Dying to know that one.

I wrote:
*grins* When you consider that one of them is a werewolf and the other is a dog... doggie style, yep.

Snogging is indeed a British word for kissing. Wotcher is also British, sort of like "What's up?" or how British people are always saying "All right?" as a greeting.

R wrote:
Yeah, that's what I was getting at with those two furry beasts. OOH OOH, throw in elements of bestiality just to gross things up!!! hehehehe So long as it's consensual, is it still bestiality? I wonder.

I kinda figured with the Wotcher...except we at least put question marks on ours. What's up? See! Question mark! Snogging sounds a lot more sloppy. I think those Brits are doing it wrong.

The poor thing had NO idea why I fell off my chair laughing at that last sentence.

Oh, and apparently my last post was linked over at F_W. WHATever.

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