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Home. Bleh.

I really hate traveling by air. I sincerely hope it'll be easier by October. I'd do proper bullet points but I'm just too tired, so deal.

- Thanks to wordplay for her last-minute heroics. I really really appreciated it. ♥
- Got on flight okay. Then we had to sit on the plane for 45 minutes before we were allowed to take off.
- We were next in line to take off when someone went to the bathroom. This caused us to have to get out of the line and wait even longer, because a plane won't take off if everyone isn't seated.
- I sat through yet another movie without listening to it, because I never think I really want to see the movie when they offer headsets (and I don't want to pay for the headset unless I REALLY want to see it, you know?). Amazingly, I think I don't need to see either Miss Congeniality 2 or Fever Pitch now, because even without sound I pretty much know the whole story.
- The little boy sitting next to me threw up as we landed. Thankfully I was able to keep it together, because my stomach is still a tad delicate when it comes to smells, etc. But still, very unpleasant.
- And of course, my dad decided to give me a hard time about finding a new place to live (WE'RE NOT MOVING FOR 2 MORE MONTHS!!1!!!!!) on the drive home.
- In summary, I miss all the Houston peeps and wish I was still there. <333333333333333333333333

Now I'm going to take a long shower and go to bed.

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