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Meh...sort of.

So yes, I finished 3-odd hours ago. I loved it, I really really did. But right now I'm feeling rather confused and out-of-sorts. I think I'm partially a bit depressed that's already over. I don't think I could've read it any slower anyway - as it was I finished last of everyone here! My reputation as a fast reader has been ground into the dirt. But in a way I wish I could have taken longer and savored it. I think I will likely re-read it again once my British version arrives. I might be a bit more coherent after reading it a second time - but my current lack of coherency could be due to sleep deprivation and lack of protein (yesterday was good; today, not so much).

I also have to confess that the fact that my fairly-recently-acquired OTP getting smashed into a million pieces is affecting me more than I thought possible. Sure, Bill/Fleur had been hinted at in GoF. It doesn't thrill me, but I can deal. But Remus/Tonks?! I never understood people who shipped that - were there hints in OotP that I missed? Maybe so. But until the very end, I thought Tonks was depressed because of Bill/Fleur and Sirius. The fact that I have issues with 10 years or more in age difference in a couple isn't helping, either. It's very YUCK for me, overall. But it's canon, hard fact, no denying either ship. And I guess I'm just surprised that I care at all.

Beyond that, I'm really glad to be with friends sharing this experience. I'm talking a lot less than I normally would, but it's just been great to hang out and listen and talk about the book and fandom and our lives and whatever else. And they'd all look great with hachets to their heads, you know. ♥

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