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Edited: Thanks for all the responses...I just felt so horrid when I got home I didn't want to explain further. Basically it's the whole weight thing again. Whenever I see a new doctor they act like I need saving. They forced me to be weighed - although I refused to look at the scale and told them NOT to tell me, it was still traumatic, and then the doctor was all... "When did you gain weight?" I replied, "When I was 5." Dumbass. Then he started on about weight loss surgery (it is EVIL and I will not do it!!) and diets, which are what got me to weighing so much in the first place. I hate that doctors are supposed to know about this stuff when they are actually clueless. So I finally said that unless he knew of some new breakthroughs in metabolism I hadn't heard of, there was nothing he would be able to do for me in that regard. I just HATE having to defend myself every time. I DETEST being made to feel like I am something horrible because I will not go along with their body mutilations or dangerous medications or starvation plans. Yes, I would like to weigh less than I do - but I will NOT do anything to further compromise my health or anything that will eventually rebound and make me gain it all back and more, once again.
The only good thing was that I was able to get a free month of my diabetes medication, so now I only don't have my antidepressant. But he didn't do anything for my toe - and didn't appear to know what was wrong with it - and did nothing for my knee. So, blah.

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