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Well. I got all of about 4 hours of sleep, got up at 5:45 am and out the door by 6:15, got to work about 5 to 8 and had my first shift on the phones. Only messed up really badly once. *wibbles* I also met with the new head of our department, my supervisor's boss (he's meeting with all of us), and that was actually very cool. In a bit I'm going to do a review for the presentations and test I have coming up. But yeah, managed to get through the first shift. Another one tomorrow...

Oh, and I'm still looking for more married/partnered type-people to answer my last post... need input. Thanks! *scampers*

Edited to add: My email and websites are back up, if anyone noticed they were down. If you emailed me anything to my main addy since Thursday, most likely I didn't get it and it's just floating out in the ether, so resend please. Thankies!

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