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Twist the knife, twist the knife baby - slowly into me

First of all, does anyone know of a shareware/freeware program that works for making copy-protected software CDs copyable? Let me know if you do. Thanks.

Next, it seems to me that I should explain yesterday's rage. In no particular order, I was angry about:

- Feeling like I don't know jack shit at work
- People lying to me, or at the very least either avoiding the truth or avoiding talking about something
- Crappy drivers who turn left in front of me like it's okay
- Helplessly watching as friends turn their lives into a train wreck, gigantic fireball coming soon
- Missing the HBO special and needing to find it on another time
- Insensitive fuckwits who hurt my friends
- My body
- Not being able to get a Gryffindor scarf
- A situation going on with a friend (this one is getting its own post tomorrow)
- Living with my family

So there you go. A lot of little things and a few big ones that built up. I don't get really angry often, and although I was quite angry yesterday, no one really got to see that. For which everyone should be thankful - me actually expressing my anger is a bad, bad thing. Emotions suck! I have no use for them. Aren't there some drugs I can take that would rid me of them altogether? I aspire to be like Data on Star Trek. >:D<

All you people going on about Nanabooboolala or whatever the hell it is? Don't have a fucking clue what you're talking about. Which means I don't have to care, I guess. Please imagine the truly vacant look on my face as I read about it in your LJs, for they make no sense. >:D<

About the only good thing about yesterday was that I entered a contest that a local radio station is having for people to win tickets to see CoS on the 10th. So I entered myself, my brother, my mom - and the dog. >:D

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