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I need a little less hard time, I need a little more bliss...

So I was tagged by slytherincesss for the six favorite songs meme: List your current six favorite songs, then pick six other people that have to do the same. Here goes:

1. Something More - Sugarland (was totally wailing this in the car yesterday)
2. Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani (it's just FUN, okay?)
3. Jocelyn Square - Love and Money (has anyone else heard of Love and Money? Hello? Bueller?)
4. Since You've Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson (Ah, angry bitch song. Yay!)
5. Strange Kind of Love - Love and Money (I just LOVE the metaphors in their songs)
6. Cool - Gwen Stefani (Something I'm aspiring to - if you've heard the song, you might understand)

I'd love to share some music, but I'm really not certain how to copy and upload music, so if someone wants to teach me, I just might.

All right, 6 people who need to do this meme:


Tummy is... eh. Not as bad as yesterday but not happy. I need to eat again, and I don't wanna. *pouts* However, I am going to try Chinese food for the first time later tonight, so that should be interesting - but hopefully in a good way. And I'm ordering the kids meal - that amuses me greatly. :))

Oh, and I am somewhat excited - The 4400 is starting up again this Sunday! I thought it was a very good show, so I'm looking forward to it.

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