Vicki (hermorrine) wrote,

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Quickly, for I am very tired.

1) Tummy not happy today. Wah. Had soup at 9 pm, so far, so good.

2) Saw regular doctor today and he is very pleased with how I'm doing. Also, blood pressure was normal and he took it twice! He thinks the surgeon's office is using a cuff that's too small and told me to tell them to call him. Sheesh. You'd think that an office treating a significant number of large people would know the right size cuff to use, wouldn't you?

3) This whole psuedo-pregnant-hormones thing needs to go. I cannot count the number of times I had to keep from bursting into tears today - usually at happy things, mind you. A song on the radio or a commericial on TV or something in the book I'm reading (I'm on my 2nd book!) and all of the sudden... *waterworks* Gah.

4) There is no 4, for I need to sleep. Here's hoping I actually can, as sleep has been difficult this week...

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