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A tale of much retail therapy

First off, yesterday and today have been decent. Not great - I've got some weird lightheaded issues going, and of course eating and pill-taking continue to be an adventure, at best - but at least I'm not sitting in my chair like a zombie, occasionally hitting refresh on my friends page and staring at the TV.

No, I have been spending money! :D I rarely get to just spend money without thinking too much about it, but the combination of a) a gift from a number of you <3!, b) a bonus from work, which hit my account just after the surgery, c) the recent raise from my promotion at work, and d) not spending a whole lot because I haven't been doing much, I've had money I could spend. So! A list of my purchases over the last couple of days:

  • A digital camera! I thought this was a great price for an HP. And no, it didn't occur to me until now that it had the initials 'HP' on it due to the brand. Really. I know you don't believe me. *pouts*
  • The Serpent on the Crown, the latest from Elizabeth Peters. I have started reading again - I'm rereading Philosopher's Stone for the nth time and so far, so good.
  • I pre-ordered the UK version of a certain book from Amazon UK.
  • I ordered a bunch of things from - whipped body lotion in Pink Grapefruit, a blood orange scented candle, and a set of 4 body butters by Mor - gelato, sorbet, nougat and marshmallow.
  • A plane ticket to Houston for July :D!!!!
  • FINALLY registered for TWH, which seemed like a good idea as the presentation that slytherincesss and maegunnbatt and I sent in has been accepted. I currently have no place to stay, but I guess I'll figure that out eventually. :)) SO. I've registered - now what's YOUR excuse?! *cracks whip*

  • Today, I went out again and it was much more successful, although the lightheaded thing was a bit annoying as I had to be really careful walking. Will be seeing my regular doc on Thursday and will mention it to him if it's still happening.

  • I got a small light Frappucino. IT WAS HEAVEN. Icy cold goodness!! Anything with little bits of ice makes me happy. I want like, a water slurpee. :))
  • I bought notecards at Hallmark.
  • I got hand soap, a new netted washie thingy and free tropical colada lotion at Bath and Body Works. I believe that between this and the Sephora order, I will likely have as much lotion as I have shower gel. Which is likely too much, but I don't care. :P

  • Which reminds me! I'm disowning the lot of you. How come no one told me they opened a LUSH in Chicago?!?! Granted, it's downtown somewhere and beyond inconvienent, but still! Lush! Here! The website says "Coming Soon" next to a 2nd Chicago location with no address, so I'm hoping against hope it'll be one I could, you know, actually GET to. We shall see.

    A general note to my flist: if some of you don't learn to use your friggin' LJ CUT on really realllly longarse posts, I'm defriending you. Thank you. /PSA

    And finally, thank you to sophie10 for the lovely card. <3!!! Thank you also to katrionaa who was/is in Wales and sent me a very pretty postcard! <3!!!

    Okay, tired now.

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