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SQUEEEE!!!!! and books

I'm watching HPSS on ABC and they ran an ad for the showing of CoS next Saturday. They will have interviews with Dan, Rupert and Emma and show parts of GoF! They showed what was clearly Hermione at the Yule Ball and I got chills!!! And Harry under the lake!! *is such an HP geek*

Speaking of which, I intend to bring HPPS to the hospital with me. It's been a comfort book since the very first time I read it, and I've often re-read the books whenever I've been particularly upset/depressed/what have you, so it makes sense. I have no idea how much of it I'll actually read while there, but that's alright.

Anyway, I'd like suggestions on some other books I should get to read while I'm at home recovering, as six weeks is a long time. Authors I like: JKR, Elizabeth Peters, JD Robb, Jonathan Kellerman, David Weber, Tamora Pierce, David Eddings and Jeffery Deaver - among many others. Most mysteries, some fantasy and scifi - strong female characters. Therefore, it's poll time!

Poll #485307 Books to read while recovering

I think you should get the following book(s):

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