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First WTF: My cell phone rang at 4 am last night. This, of course, caused me to jump out of bed to get the phone which was across the room in my purse because calls at 4 am are never good, right? It could've been other family members, friends, or even some of you whom I hope would call me in the middle of the night if you really needed to talk. <3 But no, that was not who it was. I didn't get to the phone in time so the person left a message. It was that guy that I mentioned a month or so ago who wouldn't stop calling me - even though I never answered when he called and I'd emailed him saying sorry, no thanks. His message was this: I saw that you called me. Name, phone number. ......What the merry fuck?! I most certainly did not call him, not the least of which because I do not have his number. Second, even if I had, why the hell is he calling me back at 4 bloody am?!?! Drunk dialing?! I don't know. I was tempted to call him back and bitch him out for being a psycho, but instead I just deleted the message. If he calls me again I'm going to go ballistic on his ass. WHAT PART OF 'NOT INTERESTED' DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND.

Second WTF: I had a dream at some point last night that I was fooling around with a girl in a room right next to where my entire family was sitting. At one point my aunt told me to keep the bottle of lube that we were using 'because everyone else does.' o_O Then we went to sit down to dinner with my entire family and her boyfriend. O_O And then people started to spontaneously break out into song - I blame that part on yesterday's OMWF day over at DC, though. ;)

Alright, off to the salon to get my hair colored and cut short. Wheee-ish.

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