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18 April 2005 @ 11:53 pm
My craptastic day, in bullet points.  
  • Was woken up by my brother screaming at me that it was 10:10 am, which is notably 10 minutes after which I am supposed to be at work. It turns out that the power was out in half the apartment - my half, namely - so my alarm did not go off. Had to call my boss and was then 2 hours late to work. Before I left Dad yelled at me to call the apartment complex to get it fixed - even though I was trying to get out the door to work and my brother doesn't work on Mondays. The power came back on right before I left.
  • For the last 3 mornings, I've woken up unable to hear in my right ear. I've been using a home wax-removal treatment on it, but it's so not helping. Luckily it opens up after I've been upright for an hour or so, but it's really frigging disconcerting.
  • Stopped at Starbucks for a much-needed caffiene boost and the barista admired my license plates and we got to talk HP for a minute. That was about the only good thing, really.
  • Way too many difficult client issues today. A colleague talked down to me in front of a client. There was nothing simple, and on top of it I had a newbie listening to me. It sucked, even if he did admire my Harry Potter stuff.
  • Freaking out about surgery-related stuff. I'm a worrywart. I can't help it, but I really wish I could. I just want it to be over. I think I'd rather deal with the realities than worry.
  • Cramps. Enough said.
  • Came home to find that something smelled really bad in my room and that my new computer game, which I hadn't played yet, was smashed on the floor. I could not discover the source of the smell and I have no idea how the CD got smashed. $20 down the drain. I had planned on playing it after the surgery, so much for that.
  • Medium was a rerun.
  • I still have shit to do before I can go to bed. Screw everything.
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    Vicki: Bi as mehermorrine on April 22nd, 2005 11:57 pm (UTC)
    Re: Hey ho! I have a question...
    Hey! Well the biggest issue is that my name is Morri and I don't think yours is. LOL I did not make the icon, a good friend did, but I don't want to say who with said person's permission, and I really don't know if said person is willing to make an icon for someone they don't know. LOL Enough caveats there???
    the Pdotbjorker on April 23rd, 2005 02:23 am (UTC)
    Re: Hey ho! I have a question...
    rofl! I just realised right before you sent the message that it did say Morri. I thought it said MOM this whooooooole time.

    So maybe I will just make my own that says bi as mom. LOL. I think I can manage that.
    Geez. Am I a dork. :P

    Thanks though. Heheh... oh dear.