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queerasjohn: But we were being REproductive!!

Very quickly shall I update, as I should already be in bed, and obviously am not.

Smallville... mostly eh. Loved the Lex bits but Michael was not in nearly enough of this episode, although we got more AM. Would've liked less KK, but that's my feeling EVERY week.

Saw the beginning of the Oprah show, then made myself leave the TV. FORCED MYSELF AWAY. I will watch the whole thing tomorrow. >:D<

Had a very fun albeit UNproductive conversation. *<3's John*

Have not one but TWO roleplaying sessions at work tomorrow (my boss pretends to be a client calling me, and I have to try and answer it just as I would if she were a client. IT SUCKS). O_O May be dead by the end of the day.

Am being texted with loads of smut. >:D<

Bought a number of small things on eBay. Hate eBay. >:D<

Just received an email with the subject line Welcome to the new HP. I thought it was Harry Potter related.
... it was from Hewlett Packard. *facepalms*

And on that note, bed.

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