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I am awake and so I spam

My weekend was nice. I shall now tell you about it, because yes, I am awake still, waiting for my dryer to go through one cycle so that I can set it for a second. If I don't do this, the clothes will still be wet in the morning, and that is not good. Of course, if I hadn't been plotting plans with a certain boy with red hair, I wouldn't be in this predicament. Such is life.

I got a manicure on Saturday - red with a strong hint of gold, veddy nice. I am going to have to go for the non-spa manicures if I intend to keep this habit up, even once a month can get pricey. It's a nice little splurge though.

I went to Trader Joe's and bought all manner of yummy-yet-healthy things. Scary, really.

I watched more movies in two days than I usually see in 3 months, though. It just happened that there were a number of things on cable that I wanted to see. First I saw Looney Tunes: Back in Action which I am perfectly willing to admit I watched ONLY because of Brendan. He's still hot. He's hotter in The Mummy movies but yes, Hot. If only he weren't married.... I'm sure I'd still never meet him. But I can DREAM. Next up was Taking Lives, which, I'm sorry to say, was mostly crap. A number of good actors and yet they all took roles in a movie that was so lame? Bleh, I usually love mystery/suspense books and movies but the only part that surprised me in this one was the end, which I won't mention here on the off chance it would be spoilery. But the main problem I had was that you know the entire time who the bad guy is, and that's fine in a movie/book where everyone else knows too, but when you seem smarter than the fools running around in the movie/book trying to solve the crime... that make me crazy. Next up was Lara Croft: The Cradle of Life which I thought was fairly decent for the most part, although towards the end my ability to suspend disbelief got suspended. :P Oh well, Angelina also is Hot so I can't complain at watching her for 4-odd hours in one night. Then on Sunday one of the zillion channels was rerunning 2 of 3 Indiana Jones movies - what happened to Raiders? Would much rather have seen that than Temple but yeah, I'm an Indy whore and I watched that and Last Crusade quite happily. Then The Mummy Returns was on and I had a true Brendan fix, yum.

I also talked to my sister at some point yesterday - she's coming up here with Lauren and they will be spending the night tomorrow night. She's coming up to grab Dad and take him with her to go and look at houses to rent in Milwaukee, and it made more sense to leave the twins with her in-laws and bring Lauren. So I get to see my Lauren! I've missed her. Of course I have to work tomorrow and Wednesday so I won't see much of them, but a little's better than nothing.

Some moron hit on me today in the usual crude manner. Why, I ask you, why do they bother? I'm 33 and I don't play stupid games anymore, nor am I remotely desperate. If only physical maturity was tied to emotional maturity. Honestly.

Okay, laundry cycle done. Nighty night.

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