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20 Song Lyrics Meme and Math Geekery

I don't own an iPod and likely never will, but here are lyrics from my Windows Media Player after shuffling. :D

1. I'd like to think that I was just myself again.

2. He's not vicious or malicious. - mangosong Dee-lite "Groove Is in the Heart"

3. Oh please give me the sign I'm waiting for.

4. I've been forcing myself not to forget, just to feel worse. - ciceronianus Electronic "Getting Away With It"

5. You can almost hear time slipping away.

6. It's awful quiet here since love fell asleep. - wordplay Indigo Girls "Least Complicated"

7. This is how it has to be - no more us and no more we.

8. The wonder of it all was you, and underneath it all, it all wasn't true.

9. I ain't got nobody I feel I gotta live for, nobody to live for.

10. When dreams don't become the people, people become the dreams.

11. If you could only see the love that you're wasting.

12. When your pride is on the floor, I'll make you beg for more. - jiggery_pokery Shakespear's Sister "Stay"

13. We can try and talk it over, if you say you'll help me out.

14. Did you care? Was I right?

15. If there was a Grand Canyon, she could fill it up with the lies he's told her. - littletort Jamie O'Neal "There Is No Arizona"

16. Sometimes it's the broken heart that decides. - ciceronianus Erasure "Sometimes"

17. If you hear this song again, don't make it a requiem.

18. There's nothing that I wouldn't do, this isn't how I planned it.

19. Took the hourglass, left the sand, now you've got time on your hands.

20. You know my heart is in your hands, so give it up or make a stand. - ciceronianus Jude Cole "Tell the Truth"

ETA: Did anyone else watch the new show Numb3rs tonight? Talk about a total high for math geeks. I would be really curious as to how accurate the calculations they're coming up with are - of course, they don't show the calculations for long enough for anyone to write them down, so I doubt anyone could proof them. Not to mention the whole lack of data to test them out thing. But it was an interesting show - we'll just have to see if it continues to grab my attention, especially considering I am nowhere near a math genius.

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