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27 October 2002 @ 09:57 pm
Being The Womb has its privileges *wink*  
I am slowly being asphyxiated by smoke. *coughcough* I have just finished baking and there was something that dripped on the bottom of the oven at some time in the past, so when I was baking just now it made the whole house all smoky. Bleh.

Also, is there a cream cheese shortage in this country that no one told me about?! When I went shopping yesterday there was NO cream cheese. Today, I had to settle for low-fat as that was all the second store had. What the hell man?!

Went clothes shopping - got a coat and three tops. One top is very cool - it's my perfect shade of red and it has leather lacings down the arms. I also got a sweater that makes my boobs look really nice. How that amuses me.

I don't know if anyone's texted me! *cries* Maybe I don't know how to make it work? I don't know. Keep trying! See previous post so you can text me.
I feel: accomplishedaccomplished
lorelore on October 28th, 2002 08:16 am (UTC)
Um, I texted you on Sunday. I guess I did it wrong somehow....

Don'tcha love new clothes? Yay you!

love, lore