Vicki (hermorrine) wrote,

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I am even more scary than before

I got the Smallville action figures!!! MUHAHAHAHA. Only Clark and Lex, of course. I'm sure the clerk thought I was strange, considering they only had one of each, and I didn't buy Lana. *smirks* She is all alone... Oh boy, am I easily amused or what?

I got a new mobile phone!! Virgin Mobile is a great deal, and the phones were on sale at Target, so I went for it. Let's hear it for British ingenuity! So now you can TEXT ME! Go on - you know you want to! (And if you want the number, just ask)

In other news... got my test results from the bloodwork back and the news was actually GOOD. My diabetes is doing really well, in great control. I was quite surprised but happy.

Today I am going clothes shopping with my mom, then cleaning the kitchen and baking for the potluck at work on Tuesday. So I'll be around, but most likely not til later. So text me! :D

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