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My Weasleycest Drabble

Because of this, I actually wrote a drabble (100 words - no more, no less). It's harder to write with that limitation of words than I would've thought! So, here you go. I wrote something. Why, this pairing...well, it was one of the few left. Someone shoot me now. Or blame tobymalfoy, for it is all his fault. *nodnod*

Charlie and his brothers had decided that it was time that Ron was given an education, and he would be providing it. Ron had grown into a strapping young man - as tall as Charlie and turning heads. Charlie was certain that his other brothers were a bit jealous right now. Charlie knocked on Ron's door and opened it.

Charlie looked at his younger brother. "What would you think of if I asked you to get on your knees?"

Ron looked bewildered. "You'd lost something and wanted help finding it?"

Charlie grinned, "Not exactly..." and he shut the bedroom door.

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