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Tomorrow I have to have a less-than-pleasant medical procedure - not quite outpatient surgery, but close - done. I don't want to have it done, but then I won't be in so much pain, so, yeah. I really hate my feet. -.-

I'm also trying to work on getting my finances in order and I have to say that it sucks. It's only serving to prove that I don't make enough money and depress the crap out of me. I don't understand how people who make less than I do manage to live on their own. There's no possible way to get even a studio for less than my portion of the rent, so unless a miracle occurs and I start making more money, I will be stuck living with my brother and father forever - which is enough to make me want to kill myself. I can't think about a new job and/or moving away from here any time soon, either.

I am also planning to do some cleaning and purging of real world clutter as well as computer clutter this weekend. And perhaps make a pineapple upside down cake, because I'm random like that.

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