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Look what I got for Xmas - a mention on the hate meme!

You know, I never really expected I'd have to make a post like this. I don't think anyone has ever mentioned me in one of these anonymous hatefests before - or if I was mentioned before then no one told me. I don't read these things (I think I've posted enough in the past on my feelings on things like this crap) so I had no idea until someone told me and linked me to it. In any case, I'm actually not that shocked. I'm not angry - more disgusted at how low some people go. But I do feel that perhaps this needs to be aired, so to see what was said about me, click the link. Be warned, however, that the subject matter is in no way work safe.

The Thread.

So. Wasn't that lovely? From what I've read here, I really don't think that the people posting are on my friendslist. But, if by some chance I'm wrong and you did post one of the nasty things that was said, here is my invitation to use that handy-dandy DEFRIEND option and not let the door hit you on the way out. The majority of my posts about zorac and our breakup are not only friendslocked but filtered to people who I was fairly certain I could trust, but there have been a few posts that are unlocked that mention the breakup. If I misplaced that trust, you ARE on my friendslist, and you have other important things to do - like post about me in this cowardly fashion rather than say something to my face - please do us both a favor and defriend me already.

The thought occurred to me that I could attempt to educate people who are so moronic, but I have to tell you that a) I think the people who posted this sort of thing don't care and don't want to understand, and b) I have far too many more important things to do with my time. It's no secret that I'm fat, but the absolutely disgusting comments about my body and my sex life were really offensive. That wasn't just crossing the line - that was going over it with a steamroller. I suppose the saddest thing is that nothing said there was something I hadn't heard before, so on top of being disgusting, you cowards aren't even original.

I appreciate the anons who were defending me, although I think you realize that I don't agree with your opinions of zorac. But you're allowed to have those opinions as long as you can be respectful about it. I know there are people on my friendslist who don't know zorac at all beyond the fact that he broke up with me, so your bias is understandable and not malicious, I believe.

In summation, anyone who made those nasty comments can kiss my big, huge, fat ass and get off my friendslist if you're on it. And I'm done.

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