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Somewhat accomplished.

Today I got the majority of my Xmas shopping done. Most of my time was spent zipping around Target trying to decide what to get the kidlets. Even though I've been an aunt for over 3 years now, I'm still not that great at picking out kids' gifts. My sister did tell me what the kids are into, so that helped - I bet you'll be able to tell by what I bought. ;) I got Lauren a Disney Princesses Play-Doh set and a Disney Princesses singing coloring book. I got Audrey an Elmo cell phone and an Elmo Giggle Gabber. I got Corben a dump truck that rumbles and makes other noises and then a smaller crane that also makes noise. Only Lauren's Play-Doh doesn't make noise - who wants to bet that my sister is going to kill me? :)) I didn't do it on purpose, but I think most of you know why she probably deserves it. I also got my mom one of those Lids Off machines to open jars - now that she lives alone I'm sure that she has a hard time with them since she always had someone else open them for her. My brother and I ordered our aunt and uncle's gifts from D.L. Jardin's - a gift pack of fajita seasonings, salsa and hot sauce. Now I only need to get gifts for my dad, my brother, my sister and brother-in-law and then I'm done. I'm getting my brother the platinum edition of ROTK - many of you should note the incredible irony of THAT - and I'm getting a book on things to do after you're retired for my dad, in the hope that he'll find something to do other than watch TV day and night. I'm getting my sister and brother-in-law a gift card to Panera - that's what they requested and it saves me from having to think about it, so that works. Then I'll be pretty much done.

I was going to make blonde brownies today, but the butter seemed to have a plastic smell to it, so I tossed it. Luckily my brother had to go to the store so he got me more butter and I will make them tomorrow, when I will also be making Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle for this week's potluck at work. I was seriously tempted to make sugar cookies and decorate them. I don't know why I suddenly have this urge to bake.

And I have to ask - what is a guy using a photo of Tom Welling on his personal ad thinking?? Because you know he doesn't look like that. So lame.

I have just learned via the Food Network that girls tend to lick candy canes slowly while boys tend to crunch them immediately. I'm sure this means something terribly naughty that I would never, ever hint at. Especially as I don't like candy canes (or hard candy in general. Oh, I can hear you laughing now...).

I want to thank dawn_came_dim, dezzikitty, tortietta, katrionaa and praetorianguard for their cards! Thanks so much for the fun mail! >:D

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