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Nice Day.

Thanks to everyone who voted in my hair color poll - even the person who thinks I'm a freak (because I am, after all). Just to be clear - I used to color my hair myself ALL the time, but in the last few years getting my hair colored professionally has been one of my few indulgences. By coloring it myself, I risk the wrath of my colorist once I see her again, but eh. She will need to deal. ;) I am now in possession of Garnier 100% Color #764 Bright Auburn Blonde (it was on sale for $7.50 - bonus!) and will be doing it in the morning - here's hoping it turns out well!

I also purchased another Covergirl Outlast lipstick - I really wasn't pleased with the other color I'd gotten, it turned out to be a really bright orange that doesn't work on me. The one I got tonight (for 40% off!) is Malt Pearl and is a gorgeous color on me. This is all to the good, as I am supposed to be meeting someone for coffee tomorrow afternoon and now I should look very nice indeed.

One of my coworkers in the QA Department (we work closely with them, usually reporting all the bugs that they need to fix - oh well, someone has to) gave me 4 votive candle holders today! I don't have enough and it was out of the blue, so it was very sweet. I suspect they might be left over from her recent wedding (possibly decorations or favors), but who cares? I often buy the votive size when I get candles because I can afford a $1 or so but can't usually plunk down the $8 or so they want for bigger sizes, so I have tons of candles without holders, so this was so perfect. I'm burning a candle now. :D

I almost didn't go to the dinner tonight with my coworkers because of money concerns, but I decided to do it at the last minute, and I'm really glad I did. It was a lot of fun and I got to have some really good snow crab - it was 1 1/4 lbs and I brought about half of it home, so it was worth the extra money. My boss treated all of us to 6 different desserts and we passed them around the table which was also fun because everyone got to try all the different things. My fave was the chocolate and Kahlua angel food cake - YUM!

I came home to good mail! A refund check from my car insurance company for $40 which more than covers dinner tonight, so now I feel no guilt whatsoever for having gone! And I also have a card from stormwynd which is absolutely hysterical - you're right, it IS perfect for me!! <3!

And now I am tired. This weekend I will be finishing up my cards, baking some cookies, working on a special project for TWH and trying to figure out what I'm getting my family for Xmas. Will be on and off YM if anyone wants to chat. Night, y'all. >:D

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