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Back to reality...

I was supposed to fly out to constantine's on Wednesday night, but the weather conspired against that. I ended up leaving really early Thursday and arriving about 9:30 am, where I was greeted by constantine and jlh. We dropped my bags off at the house and then headed over to constantine's parents' home for the actual Thanksgiving celebration. I had a great time and was pretty overwhelmed as she has a very big family and almost every one of them was there at some point and I think every person hugged and kissed me at least once. It took a little getting used to but it was nice to feel so welcome. Eventually we left, but I really don't recall what if anything happened the rest of that day.

On Friday I met both weatherby and tromboneborges for the first time, and got to see epicycical again. We had fun discussions and also played the 90's version of Trivial Pursuit which was quite fun, although I'm not sure if it was more or less difficult than the usual version.

Saturday we visited Border's and then went out looking for ice cream direct from the cows, but the cows were off that day, so we went to find cake instead. Yes, this is the explanation for the icon. Yes, constantine actually asked the bakery to write that on the cake. Yes, we laughed like loons over this. Sadly Rach and Clio had to leave Saturday night.

Got up early Sunday on purpose to go to breakfast with constantine's mom, sister and nephew, which was nice. They then ran off with the kidlet to go shopping while she and I bought dinner fixings and then watched a very interesting documentary on dwarfs which really did make us think that if these people could overcome SO much and have really good jobs then no one has any excuse to sit around jobless. We both bawled like babies when the woman's boyfriend proposed to her. I also had the best bath EVER before going to sleep.

Yesterday we got up horribly early to get me to the airport where I got the most intensive search I've ever had in an airport. I suspect it was due to the airport being so close to DC because I know they were doing the same to everyone. Eventually I got back to Chicago and went to work.

Thanks to epicycical and tromboneborges for taking the time to come over and hang out, thanks to weatherby for staying up late for more Trivial Pursuit and pimping the lipstick, thanks to jlh for lending me blackholly's book and for being sweet overall, and most of all thanks to constantine for inviting me and taking care of me and letting me play with the cute kidlet and not leaving me on the side of the road despite provocation. ;)

You scored as Clio. You are Clio, the muse of history. You love academic pursuits, but still know to have fun. You're a bit of a tease and a prankster.




















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I like it. *nods*
[info]hermorrine is love
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This is so ridiculous that I had to post it.

Just as an FYI, this is Hell Week #4 for the year at work, so don't expect to see much of me until the end of the week. This is also the reason this is a lot shorter than it could've been. *collapses*

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