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LJ Issues, an LJ Meme, a Bisexual Movie Rant and Something You Should Read About Loving Your Body

The LJ Support folks have finally figured out the problem where a number of you never showed up on my friends page when I went to read it. THE DEFAULT VIEW IS TEH EVIL. I have NO idea how it got turned on, but it was the culprit and has been DRIVING ME CRAZY for weeks now. So, yay! If you see me suddenly commenting on your journal when I never have before, this would be why. >:D<

It's been a long, hard, brain-throbbing week. I am SO looking forward to only working 3 days and then jetting off to the east coast and leaving my silly little life behind for a while. Yay!

My journal is called Morri because it's short for 'Morrigan,' a nickname I've had for years and my author name on both RS and FA.
My subtitle is 'I have a head full of useless knowlege just begging to be released!' because it's true, and it's why I'm really good at Trivial Pursuit.
My friends page is called 'Cool People I like' because it's true and I haven't thought of anything more flashy.
My username is hermorrine because my old LJ was morrigan_veela, but after the split from the veela group, I wanted a new LJ name. Because I am so very Hermione and everyone tended to call me Morri, weatherby suggested hermorrine, and I thought the combination worked fabulously.
My default userpic is Kate by Sophie because I just love Kate Winslet, and I think she looks best as a redhead.
Personally, I think my LJ name is the most interesting thing, and that changes regularly with my mood. Currently it's this song quote from Michelle Branch that I think is self-explanatory: Look me in the eye & tell me that you're happy now. Likely to change soon.

So the movie Alexander is being released next week, and the Greeks are all up in arms because the movie suggests that Alexander was bisexual. I'm going to be talking about quotes from this article. First one:
"We are not saying that we are against gays but we are saying that the production company should make it clear to the audience that this film is pure fiction and not a true depiction of the life of Alexander," Yannis Varnakos, who spearheads the campaign by 25 lawyers, told Reuters on Friday.

Grrr. First of all, just because someone has sexual experiences with someone of the same sex does NOT mean they are gay!

"We have not seen the film but from the information we have already there are references to his alleged homosexuality, a fact that is in no historical document or archive on Alexander," he said. "Either they make it clear that this is a work of fiction or we will take the case further."

Are there actually historical documents that say "This morning Alexander woke up and his beautiful wife sucked his hard rod until he had a volcanic orgasm as only a Great man would. He then continued to prove his heterosexuality by plunging his man-sword into her wet, tight flower. And lo, all the Greeks were pleased to know their leader was not only man enough to conquer the known world, but also a mere woman." I rather doubt it. And I should probably shoot myself for having just written what amounts to historical smut. @-)

Varnakaos said as Stone has the right to freely express himself, the audience should have the right to know.

"We cannot come out and say that (former U.S.) President John F. Kennedy was a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team and so Warner cannot come out and say Alexander was gay," Varnakos said.

O_o *blinks more* Does that make sense to ANYONE?! JFK died in the '60s. We had TV, movies, books, photos, etc etc etc, and so there is an actual record of the things he did and said. If he'd been on a basketball team, there would be concrete proof of that! How is comparing that to the things a historical figure may or may not have done in private at all apples-to-apples?? And I'm sorry, but there was a tradition of older men 'mentoring' younger men, which included sex, and that was historically documented. However, those men were generally not homosexual. In fact, they may not have even been bisexual. Taking part in a particular sex act does NOT change your sexual orientation anymore than not doing a sex act makes you not the orientation you feel. And back in those days, it might not have had anything to do with sexual orientation - it was likely considered something akin to work or exercise, something you had to do because it was expected of you. Now I realize that opens a huge can of worms, like wouldn't it have been rape or whatever, but I doubt it. It was simply that society viewed these things differently, and because our society is not like this, we just can't grok it, no matter how hard we try.

But ultimately, these people whinging about the movie are just ridiculous. They need to get over themselves and devote their legal skills to something important, like low-income people who can't normally afford a lawyer. -.-

Eve Ensler, best known for writing The Vagina Monologues, has a new play out called The Good Body. This is an excerpt:

In the midst of war, in a time of escalating global terrorism, when civil liberties are disappearing as fast as the ozone layer, when one out of three women in world will be beaten or raped in her lifetime, why write a play about my stomach?

Maybe because my stomach is one thing I feel I have control over or because I hope that my stomach is something I could get control over. Maybe because I see how my stomach has come to occupy my attention, and I see that other women's stomachs or butts or thighs or hair or skin have come to occupy their minds so that we have very little left for war or anything else. When a group of ethnically diverse, economically disadvantaged women in the U.S. were recently asked about the one thing they would change in their lives if they could, the majority said, "Lose weight." Maybe I identify with these women because I've bought into this idea that if my stomach were flat then I would be good, and I would be accepted, admired, important, loved.

I began writing The Good Body during my work on my first play, The Vagina Monologues, and it all started with me and my particular obsession with my "imperfect" stomach.

I am certainly not alone. I have been to over 50 countries in the last six years as a result of The Vagina Monologues. I have talked with women in surgical centers in Beverly Hills, on the beaches of Rio, in the gyms of Mumbai, New York and Moscow, in the hectic and crowded beauty salons in Istanbul, Johannesburg and Rome. Most of them loathed at least one part of their body. There was always one part that they longed to change, that they had a medicine cabinet full of products devoted to transforming or hiding or reducing or straightening. Just about every woman believed that if she could just get that part right, everything else would work out. It is an endless, heartbreaking campaign.

The Good Body is my prayer, my attempt to help women break free so that we may spend more time running the world than running away from it; so that we may become good in the true sense of good; so that we may be consumed by the sorrow of the world rather than consuming to avoid that sorrow and suffering. It is my hope, my desire, that we will all refuse to be Barbie, that we will sayno to the loss of the particular and unconventional, whether it be a voluptous woman in a silk sari or a woman with defining lines of character in her face or olive-tone skin or wild, curly hair.

Can you imagine the energy that could be unleashed if women stopped obsessing about their bodies? Tell the image makers and plastic surgeons that you are not afraid to age. That what you fear most is the death of imagination and originality and metaphor and passion. Then be bold and love your body.

I know I hope to really be able to love my body, beginning next year. And I hope all of you will work on loving your own - you're worth it. <3

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