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The pain of Photoshop and some TV notes

Allright - I've asked this before but I'll be damned if I can remember how to do it, and it's making me insane. How do you do text where the words are one color and outlined in another color?? I thought it was something to do with 'Stroke' or 'Fill' but nothing's working, so please help!!

I have a confession to make. I have a stupid, schoolgirl crush on Rachael Ray from the Food Network. She's just so cute! And perky! Sometimes I make myself sick.

Also had a bit of a blast from the past - I was watching a special on the History Channel called The True Story of Alexander and who was hosting but Peter Woodward, otherwise known as Galen from Crusade! It was a bit odd seeing him in 'normal' clothes instead of a Technomage costume, though he is definitely still sexy. I have to add him to the list of men who are still attractive even though they're bald. Granted, there's only one other man on the list... but that's not the point. I do miss B5 and Crusade. Sigh.

Much yawning, so it must be bedtime...

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