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Good Day.

So I met up with morgaina and stinkymcjinky at IKEA. I'd never been to IKEA before, and I have to say... it's HUGE. My word, talk about a bunch of stuff no one ever knew they needed! morgaina fell in love with a chair, but unfortunately they were out of stock, so she and stinkymcjinky only got kitchen scrubbing brushes. I got a raspberry-scented candle and some chocolate toffees for work. Then we headed off to Bahama Breeze for lunch, frozen alcoholic beverages and lots of conversation. We had an absolute blast - thanks so much you two! >:D<

I came home and did some cleaning, since I really wasn't up to anything last weekend as I busy having the plague (and this coughing can really STOP already), then I watched Cheaper by the Dozen. I thought it was really good - I laughed my ass off and I cried my eyes out - that doesn't happen too often in one movie. Now I'm watching The Mummy for the nth time - still love these movies. And Brendan. And Rachel. And yes, I am writing this during the commercial breaks. :D

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