Vicki (hermorrine) wrote,

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Election MADNESS

Today was a much better day. I voted this morning before work and now I'm hopingsoveryverymuch!!! that Kerry and Obama and Bean win. Everything else was "should this judge still be a judge? YES/NO" and I knew nothing about the judges, which was annoying. Will do some quick grocery shopping on the way home, and then it'll be time for the hour-early special edition of The Daily Show. Still not completely recovered, so I don't know if I'll be able to stay up until midnight, when we should have a better idea of the winners...

This is seriously making me crazy, hence the use of screaming!Sirius icon. Speaking of, am I the only one whose ears perk up when a commercial for Sirius satellite radio comes on TV? I mean, then I do realize they're not talking about Harry Potter fairly quickly, but... Oh. Thought so.

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