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Well, this works

You are Heidi, the Busy One! You spend most of your time running FictionAlley, being a lawyer and having cute little babies for everyone to cuddle at Nimbus-2003 ... but don't worry. You can always go smack some Parkies to let off steam. You're famous for writing The Fic That Wouldn't Get Finished, A Surfeit of Curses, which has been lying un-updated for over a year.
Which Inner Circle Member Are You?
Heidi and I certainly have things in common, but I prefer to let others have the babies - I'll just admire them and babysit occasionally, thanks.

In other news, my LJ expires in like 10 days. Am very broke because while I do have a job now, I have major bills to pay from the months of being unemployed. Meh.

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